Selected publications

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Separating Sheep from Goats: Sherman E. Lee and Chinese Art Collecting in Postwar America

University of California Press, 2018

Noelle Giuffrida's book investigates the history of collecting and exhibiting Chinese art through the lens of the career of renowned American curator and museum director Sherman E. Lee (1918–2008). Drawing upon artworks and archival materials, Giuffrida excavates an international society of collectors, dealers, curators, and scholars who constituted the art world in which Lee operated. From his early training in Michigan and his work in Occupied Japan as a monuments man to his acquisitions, exhibitions, and publications for museums in Detroit, Seattle, and Cleveland, this study traces how Lee shaped public and scholarly understandings of Chinese art. By examining transnational efforts to collect and present Chinese art and scrutinizing scholarly and museological discourses of the postwar era, this book contributes to the historiography of both Chinese art and American museums.

Royal Taste catalogue cover pic.jpg

"Ming Imperial Patronage of the Wudang Mountains and the Daoist God Zhenwu"

Royal Taste: The Art of Princely Courts in 15th Century China. Fan Jeremy Zhang, ed. Exhibition catalogue. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and Pacific Asia Museum. Scala, 2015: 49-54, 149-167, 208.



“The Right Stuff: Chinese Art Treasures’ Landing in Early 1960s America”

The Reception of Chinese Art Across Cultures, Michelle Y. L. Huang, ed. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2014: 201-228.



“Paintings, Politesse, and Petromania: Sherman E. Lee and the Art and Archaeology Delegation Trip to China in 1973”

Archives of American Art Journal, Smithsonian Institution 52, no. 1-2 (Spring 2013): 34-42.

On Telling Images of China cover lg.jpg

“Transcendence, Thunder, and Exorcism: Images of the Daoist Patriarch Zhang Daoling in Paintings and Prints”

On Telling Images of China: Essays on Narrative and Figure Painting, Shane McCausland and Yin Hwang, eds. Hong Kong University Press, 2013: 61-88.